I have over two decades serving the Real Estate Market in Central Kentucky.

In twenty-two years on the streets, crawlspaces, basements and attics of thousands of homes around central Kentucky:

  • I have learned where to find the living spaces you need, the lot size you want, in a style that suits you.
  • I have learned the psychology of the home buyer. I’ve learned how the home buyers fears and how this knowledge can help us make a sale.
  • I have learned where to find the best mortgages, competent inspectors, honest appraisers and reliable contractors.
  • I have extensive experience with hands on home remodeling, rental property and interpreting home inspections for my clients. This gives me an in-depth knowledge of home maintenance, repair, construction and staging.

My service is delivered to you with respect for the budget you set and an understanding of the true inconvenience that moving your family can be.

  • When you buy your new home it will fit your personality, your lifestyle and your budget.
  • When you sell your home your will be confident you got a fair price, was kept informed and had a minimum of inconvenience.

While my Action Jackson Cartoon might not be too serious, my steadfast commitment to your excellent real estate decisions is my ambition.

Lexington Kentucky
Winchester Kentucky
Nicholasville Kentucky

Georgetown Kentucky
Versailles Kentucky
Richmond Kentucky

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